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Kabul English Language Center
KELC was established in 1990 to furnish Afghans; in particular the youth, with quality language skills. This is a self-sustainable project running in Peshwar. KELC is highly welcomed by children and youth. Presently 900 male students are admitted and 90% of them are children and youth.Kabul English Language Center for Women (WEKLC) was established due to great public demand and lack of proper language opportunities for women. WEKLC is run on student fees with 450 female students enrolled. Although there is no restriction of age in the language classes, mostly young girls and female children (roughly 90%) attend the classes.
To encourage children
To enhance student language skills and to provide informative reading materials that correlate to their levels, Treasure is published. Mostly students of KELC and WEKLC read it but it has a great number of young readers outside the centers too. Sadia Primary School is located in Peshawar and has around 450 pupils, both boys and girls. Having dedicated teachers; mostly youth, its friendly environment has encouraged children to learn a lot.
Many programs
Peace Education was introduced for the first time in Afghan society by SIEAL, with the assistance of NOVIB, in 1998. Presently this program is running in 34 schools in Peshawar for 14,000 students. It is also part home-based schools running inside Afghanistan in Kabul, Farah and Badghis provinces. 2,200 students are presently studying in these home schools. A total of 16,200 students are beneficiaries of this program, all children and youth. Funded by International Rescue Committee (IRC) through the Umbrella Grant Project (UGP), this project is running in Badghis and Farah. Around 1,200 returnees (boys and girls, ages 9-12) are its beneficiaries. Hadia Kabul Orphanage Center is located in Kabul City and is funded by NCA (Norviegien Church Aid) and SAFE (Support to Afghan Further Education) for 35 orphaned boys and girls. These orphaned children are provided education and living facilities.
Books for children
There are a total of 3 libraries which are used by a large number of educated males and females in Peshawar and Ghazni. The majority of the users (85%) are children and youth."Rangeen Kaman(Rainbow)" is a monthly magazine with a circulation of 9,000 readers, it is published in Dari and Pashto languages. The Rainbow is educational, entertaining and informative, and is the only popular magazine for children and youth distributed both inside and outside of Afghanistan. It is distributed in schools in Peshawar City, in Afghan refugee camps based in Peshawar, and in Herat. (NCA) Afghanistan Program and Ecumenical Office (EO/CA) fund this project. We published a series of illustrated storybooks for children have been published. Nine books have received warm welcome from the children and youth so far.

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